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☮ Voice

[He should tell them.

He should.

Hal hasn't woken up yet, he hasn't woken up and Huey is worried sick.

But he can't tell them. No, Hal will be awake soon. Surely he will. So he bottles it up inside and fakes a cheerful - or at least calm - voice.

Hal's not going to be online for a while. He's busy with something important. So if you have anything to say to him, tell me or Liquid and we'll pass on the message.

...well, it'd probably be better with me.

[Liquid had enough on his plate right now.]

It's days like this that I miss Outer Heaven. Even with everything going on, it's quiet here.

[A beat before he says one last thing. It's something that he's been thinking a lot about lately.] Which would you rather be? The hero, or the supporting character?


☮ Voice

[For a moment the only sound is the faint hiss of the electronic cigarette before Huey Emmerich speaks up at last.]

This place never does change, does it? It's taken me longer than I thought, but I got here. It would be easier if I wasn't missing most of my team...

Man, that shortcut really did make it easier. Especially when I had to get used to having legs all over again. I didn't really want to burden Hal too much, after all.

How I just have to find Hal- Gah-!

Careful, Hal-!

[The faintest of clatters and a low crash before the feed goes dead.]

☮ Voice

Back here again...?

[Huey's voice is softly surprised.]


I thought this was a dream or something, even if it is a realistic one. But I guess it mustn't be after all. Hah, getting used to walking again is going to be odd even after that little while. Hal, stop that.

But this is going to be trouble. Hey, guys! Does anyone know a faster way to get to Goldenrod? ...well, uh, they're probably further on by now, but... Well. I could really use it.

[A long pause. His voice turns plaintive.]

...Heather? Hal? ...


Where are you guys?



The other day, someone told me that they hoped there was someone looking after me. Am I really that naive or clumsy...?

[He pauses, sighing in annoyance.]

Well, at any rate, Goldenrod's a big place - compared to the other towns. Can anyone suggest me interesting things to do or see? [A low laugh.] To be honest, I've hardly left my room in the last few weeks. And before that we had things to deal with and then there was snow and... well, let's just say I haven't seen a lot of it.

Oh, and Snake, Kaz, how're you two holding up?


[006] Voice

There's something that's been bothering me a lot lately.

[Click. Whirr. There's the sound of him unscrewing something.]

And it's not the fact I can't get decent tools. I'm resorting to basics- here, hold that still for me.

[In the background, a quiet noise of casual agreement from the little Teddiursa that's sitting on the bench beside him. Then there's a clatter of tools.]

I'm wondering if this is some sort of karmic retribution for something. I know a few people I've met here hold a lot of guilt over things they've done.

[Like Hal.]

Oh! Also I have a question for you people from the future. And I mean post-1970s. [He sounds utterly serious. In the background, there's odd clinking.]

How much have the effects in science-fiction movies advanced? What do we have to look forward to on that front?

[And there you have it. The guy who should probably be more curious about the advancement of weapons is... more concerned about movies.]



-ton, look out-!

[The screen whirls dizzyingly, showing dark sky and clouds. The Pokègear lands half-buried in snow, the screen half-obscured. Huey sits in the snow where he'd fallen to avoid the attack poorly aimed at the poor Weedle. His eyes are a little wide as the unseen enemy moves closer as it to attack - and then faints due to the poison still racing through its system. There is a bright glow from in front of them before it fades to reveal...

A Kakuna.]

...what the hell-?

[He's seen evolution before, once, but only via a stone. Newton sinks down to rest on his knees gratefully, happy but exhausted. This trip is being rather hard on them. Damn Liquid and his stupid complexes. At least this would be interesting when they finally got there. He'd been following them for a while now, a while behind due to Liquid rushing out so recklessly. Hal the Skarmory trotted into sight, lowering his head embarassedly.]

And you... don't thow me right in their path next time, alright, Hal?

[Bringing a hand up, he pets the creature lightly before shivering.]

Gah... I need to catch something fire-based or something... or at least get a jacket...

[His thin shirt was definitely not as warm as he'd have hoped. A tiny paw picks up the Pokègear and begins to carry it back, skipping a little. Andromeda was quite eager for them to get back on track it seemed. The image of the sky returns as its carried and it jolts and swings dizzyingly before the tiny paw accidentally cuts the unintentional video off.]

[004] - VOICE

[Huey's voice sounds oddly distant over the Pokègear.]

There's so much water here...

[It's almost as if he hasn't recognised the fact he's broadcasting - although that is disproved by his next words.]

I wonder how deep it is? I don't really like it much. There should be fences up around it. I'm going to be staying far away from it.

[A sigh before he laughs lightly.]

Hey, Hal. I caught a couple of interesting things recently. That cave was creepy as hell, though. So dark.

Oh yeah, that's right. I had a question. I've encountered some interesting people here. It kind of drives in how different the worlds are. What sort of worlds did you all come from? Was it peaceful? Was there... magic? Or was it more technologically based?

Sometimes I have to wonder. People like myself... we deal in weapons. Back home, I mean. And weapons can bring war for war's sake. But at the same time, those weapons can be used to bring peace. But is peace brought by weapons truly peace? Or is it just stirring another type of war for the future?


[003] - Video

[Huey looks exhausted as he slumps back against a tree.]

You'd think I'd get used to walking by now...

[A faint sigh and he lets his head falls back against the tree, muttering something.]

Even if I could find somewhere that has cigarettes, I couldn't smoke them around these creatures. I really miss my electronic cigarette.

[The Pokègear looks to be lying on the ground beside him, since he's not holding it.]

Oh yeah, I had a question. I was working as an information tech for a little while back in Cherrygrove, so I could build up my supplies for this journey a little. I have to wonder if there's any more actually technologically based jobs out there in the other cities? Because goddamn, that was boring.

I realised a little late that I should have left a letter back at the city I woke up in, just in case Dr Strangelove or Big Boss show up. Guess that was a bit of a mistake. Oh well. I'll just have to keep my eyes open and hope I'm awake if they come.

[The slight sign of a steel beak poking at the screen might be startling before the jaws open and it bites down on it.]

Hey! Hal! Drop it!

[There may or may not be a wrestling match going on between a giant steel bird and a nerd before it disconnects.]

(Yeah, uh, cigarette withdrawal might be making him especially grouchy and short-tempered by now.)


VOICE // Private to Otacon

[Huey's voice is normally a pleasant thing to hear.]

[This, however, does not take into account the fact he just had his son's boyfriend spring something on him.]


I hate to say it, but your choice in partners is...




[002] Voice

Someone, anywhere in this place, no matter how far. Tell me there's a bookstore there where I can buy a book of proverbs and their meanings.

For the love of god, tell me there is one.

And don't lie.

I really, really could use one of those.

It's for an early christmas gift for someone.

[For everyone Otacon ever spoke to, DEAR GOD WHY.]

[To save their sanity.]

[And his.]

...please? Somebody?